Stephanie and Josh

Stephanie and Josh  |  Charlotte Wedding photographers

Awesomeness x 1,000 = Stephanie and Josh. From the first time we met them we knew there was something special about these two. Perhaps it was the fact that they wooed us with chocolate-covered pretzels or their infectious laughs and personalities; whatever it was, this couple is seriously in love and everything about their wedding day was perfect down to a tee. (Get it? Birkdale Golf Club wedding? Tee?? Nevermind.) There were so many tender moments at this wedding it’s hard to count them all, but one that stands out was just before Stephanie and her father were about to leave the prep room for the walk down the aisle. They hugged, laughed and even shed a tear of happiness. It was touching beyond belief. We are so happy for you and your families and wish you two the very best in your future. Do you happen to have any extra chocolate-covered pretzels by chance?


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